UI Artist / Designer

Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2


The Creative Assembly, Sega in collaboration with 343 Industries.

UI Implementation
Flash (Actionscript) & Scaleform

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, 3DS Max, Flash.

Job Title
UI Artist

Employment Duration
1 year 8 Months (August 2015 - Present)

Personal Work

  • Designed and conceptualised Front End Menus
  • Designed and conceptualised Blitz Front End Menus
  • Designed and conceptualised Loading Screens
  • Designed and conceptualised HUD Notifications
  • Designed, created and implemented HUD Iconography
    • Used 3D tools to generate icons.
  • Created and implemented assets for the Minimap component
  • Implemented Blitz gametype HUD
  • Part ownership in Health Bar, Minimap, Blitz HUD, Decal System components
  • Ownership in Icon system.
  • UI feature implementation & bug fixes and support until game release
  • DLC UI work