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Personal Details

Name               Tim Nguyen
Email               tnguyen@live.co.uk
Website          timnguyen.uk
Location          Horsham, United Kingdom
Phone              +447471941337


The Creative Assembly,  Horsham, UK - UI Artist
Unannounced Historical Total War Title

  • UI Frontend Wireframing & Conceptualisation

  • UI HUD Wireframing & Conceptualisation

  • UI Prototyping UI Style Guide (in conjunction with Senior UI Artist)

    •    Dictated typography & branding

  • Unity UI Implementation

  • Playmaker Visual Node Scripting

  • Unity VFX & Shader Graph Tech

  • Motion Graphic Design

  • 3D Modelling

Halo Wars 2

  • Wireframing and conceptualising most Front-End Menus

  • Implementation and ownership of HUD Elements

  • Implementation of Front End Menus

  • Responsible for most 2D and 3D iconography

  • Worked closely with numerous UI Coders, UI Art Lead and Art Director.

  • Animation Tests

At the beginning of the project I predominately worked on the conceptualisation and design of the Front End menus, I worked close with the Lead UI Artist and a Gameplay Designer. Soon after I went on to own and implement several HUD and Front End features.


  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • After Effects

  • Flash

  • Actionscript

  • 3DS Max

  • Experience Design

  • XML


Plymouth College of Art,  Plymouth - BA (Hons) Design for Games
SEPTEMBER 2011 - JUNE 2014
1st Class Honours; Units Covered - Game Play Theory and Practice, Audio for Games, Animation for Games, 3D Modelling (Maya, zBrush and 3DS Max), Professional Team Brief.

Hobbies and Interests

Bilingual: Vietnamese (Working Proficiency), Japanese (Beginner Proficiency).
Enjoys playing football, basketball and tennis.